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Is the market cooling down?

In my opinion yes, the market is cooling down but will it stay? 

It feels great to be a REALTOR and BROKER OF RECORD and to be able to actually feel the market as opposed to just relaying what information I hear. 

I’m in the market to buy and we’ve been searching for a family home for the past few months. 

It’s been a struggle trying to find the right fit for my family. We’ve sent off a handle of offers, some $100k over asking and yet we are still searching for a property. It’s incredibly frustrating. 


Even though I am a seasoned REALTOR and have been licensed for 17 years, I still found myself getting trapped into the situation. I had to come to a realization that HEY! Snap out of this. Don’t get mesmerized by what’s happening. 

These agents are pushing for a multiple offer situation. I’ve even realized that in some cases, these agents are having their clients whip up some fake offers to create a delusional world of buying real estate. This system is corrupt and needs more government so this stops happening. I would not have realized this if I have not been in the market myself. 

So tonight we have 2 more properties to visit. 


I am finding that more times than not the amount of offers is fewer, however most properties still have multiple offers. Wether fake or not, they have multiple offers. I am also noticing that now more than ever in the past few years is that listings are cancelling and relisting for higher. They are even relisting at the same price to try and get multiple offers again. 

Let’s see what happens with tonights showings and I’ll blog below my journey to finding a family home. 

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